Vitality 18K Navy Blue Medium Hoops | Coomi

Vitality 18K Navy Blue Medium Hoops

Our flawless Vitality 18K Sterling Silver Medium size Hoops in Navy Blue which sets with 0.065cts diamonds; rock the night away with these beautiful stylish hoops. All of Coomi jewelry is handmade and crafted to perfection.

Vitality Collection:

“My background in textiles and my love of naturalistic silhouettes influenced the creation of this story.  The symbolism comes through in the vines and tendrils which grow towards the light and suggest the steadfastness of the life force as well as the expression of the vitality of all creation. I chose rose-cut diamonds to accent this group as they are inherently more organic in cut and their natural beauty and character complement rather than overwhelms the designs or the wearer,” Coomi explains.

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