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Antiquity Coin

One of the most notable examples of antiquity is that of ancient coins. Serving as the footprints of early civilizations and their economic histories, coins take us back to the era of empires and dynasties and tell us stories of their associated rulers who paved the way for the modern world today.

Coomi Silver

In 2012, Coomi introduced her designs in silver as a way to give her collectors more options. By launching the lines in a white metal, she allowed for the Coomi woman to play with a more diverse wardrobe of antiquities and collectibles. The Coomi Silver line is also an ideal way for a new collector to be introduced to the designer’s story through wearable, everyday pieces that are both feminine and meaningful.

Spring 2017
Coomi's Edit

“These designs go back to a time when the orientation of the time was not linear, but cyclical and aligned with the eternal cycle of birth, growth and renewal.”

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