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02 Oct 2019


For thousands of years, the fabled Muzo mine had given birth to mesmerizing emeralds of a deep, vibrant, light filled green, worshipped by Aztecs, Incas, Muiscas, and lusted-after by renassancce princes, Mughal Emperors and Ottoman sultans. In the 16th century, the Conquistadors searched for decades, fighting through jungles and mountains, before defeating the warlike Muzo tribe and discovering the sacred source of their mysterious “green stone”. Appropriated for the Spanish Crown, the mine was modernized, yielding a fabulous flow a magnificent emerald crystals which were loaded onto the gallons of the Spanish Treasure fleet, sailing from Havana to Spain, to become wonders of the New World. The Finest were cut and polished in Madrid and set into sumptuous jewels for the Spanish court; other superb gems were traded by Portuguese merchants in Goa, delivered into the overflowing treasuries of the Mughal court. The fame of Muzo spread spreads across the world; its emeralds, than, as now, considered the paragon of beauty and quality.

Today, the historic Muzo mine is reborn and revitalized, telling its story through emeralds of unmatched radiance, of colour, hue, cut, vibrancy and sheer magnetism not found anywhere else in the world. Muzo emerald, the colour of rejuvenation and regeneration. Today, the reinvigorated Muzo mine opens up a new age of New World emeralds. Yeilding superlative emeralds of unrivalled quility, and distinctively, captivating colour, Muzo is now a modern, Mine-to Maison creative emerald house. The sacred site is transformed into a state-of-the-art 21st century gem facility, setting new standards of excellence and ethical practice, respecting the environment, ensuring the welfare of its workers. Taking the art of cutting and polishing emeralds to new levels of perfection, Muzo works with master lapidaries in Bogotá and Paris. Finally, Muzo has a team of world-class master cutting artisans in its own workshop in Bogotá.


"I was drawn to the beauty of nature surrounding the MUZO mines. I have designed this collection around the beauty of the mountain peaks, the rhythms of the river, the flora, and the black sedimentary rock in which the emeralds are embedded" -Coomi


The white gold collection gives these incredible emeralds a luminous energy.

The yellow gold collection is inspired by the pattern in the trapiche emeralds, by which I am mesmerized.


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