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01 Feb 2019

Gift Guide: How to Sweeten Any Relationship


You’re probably reading this and thinking to yourself, “Wait. Didn’t I just buy her jewelry for Christmas? Wasn’t that only a couple of weeks ago?” Yeah, it was, but do you know how many extraordinary things your beloved has done for you in these last couple of weeks, not to mention the multitude of things she’ll do for you after Valentine’s Day is over? This is the one day of the year to celebrate the universal emotion of love and to show her just how much you appreciate the fact that she’s still around even though you still haven’t been able to figure out how the dishwasher works. But this year, you’re in luck, because I’m going to help you get her a gift that will blow roses and chocolates out of the water.

 20K Affinity Ruby Bead Earrings, $12,000. product:affinity-ruby-bead-earrings

When it Comes to You, She’s All Ears

She listens to you, and you know it. Whether it’s when you’re venting about a loss by your favorite sports team or when you’re going off about how the new guy at work has the boss in his pocket, she’s there, and she’s hearing you, even when you think she isn’t. So how should you show her just how much you appreciate that she does? By adorning those ears in something glamorous.

Coomi’s ruby earrings from the Affinity collection are embellished with over fifty-carats of rich red unfaceted ruby beads and nearly a half carat in rough cut natural diamonds, all perfectly positioned on elegant 20K gold oval-shaped dangle earrings.

20K Sagrada "Passion" Diamond Bracelet, $3,000. product:passion-20k-bracelet

Because Where There’s Love, There’s Passion

Everything she does – whether it be for you or for her friends or even at her job – she does with her whole heart. She dives into projects without fear, in the same way she dove into her relationship with you. Let’s face it, the woman is passionate and letting her know that you’ve noticed will go a long way.

The “Passion” diamond bracelet from Coomi’s Sagradacollection is a piece the one you love can wear every day. Seen here in 20K yellow gold and containing 0,35 carats in natural diamonds, the bracelet is just one of the pieces in this collection, which was inspired by architect Antoni Gaudí’s unfinished Spanish masterpiece, La Sagrada Família.

 20K Affinity Garnet Ring, $6,000. product:20k-affinity-garnet-ring

If You Like It Then You Better Put a Ring on It

Maybe not “that” kind of ring, but still, a ring that’s as special as she is. Maybe even one that contains a color that’s reflective of the lover’s holiday.

This one-of-a-kind faceted red garnet and diamond asymmetrical ring from the Affinity collection by Coomi is the perfect way to show your love that you think there’s no one else in the world quite like her. The gemstones are set in luscious 20K gold and the two larger garnets are symbolically joined together in metal, proving to us all that when two become one, they can form a thing of true beauty.

 20K Open Serenity Diamond Drop Earrings, $2,900. product:serenity-20k-earring-with-open-flower-design-with-0-25cts-diamonds-on-sticks

“Forever” Started Long Ago

The adage about a diamond being “forever” is true, but when you combine those diamonds with understanding, compassion, trust, and love, forever takes on a whole new meaning, and diamonds take on a whole new shine.

These “Open Diamond Drop Earrings” from Coomi’s Serenitycollection will tell her your love is forever in so many ways. Designed with a nature-inspired “open” flower in the center representative of the endlessness of a circle, the earrings are accentuated with 0.25 carats in natural diamonds set into elegant 20K gold drops.

 20K Affinity Bali Necklace with Carved Bone, $40,000. product:20k-affinity-bali-necklace-with-carved-bone

If All Else Fails, Throw Her a Bone

You know her likely better than you know yourself. You know her tastes; her likes and dislikes. Mostly, though, you know that she doesn’t follow the crowd, or cling to trends, and that at the end of the day, her uniqueness has always been what’s set her apart from anyone else you’ve ever known.

Coomi’s Affinity collection “Bali Necklace with Carved Bone” is as individual and colorful as the one whom you adore. This tassel-style necklace is made up of layers upon layers of delicate pale pink pearls, over five carats of green sapphires which surround an 0.88 carat tanzanite center, and just under four carats of natural diamonds which are used as accents to the carved bone and 20K gold centerpiece. It is a piece worthy of an eternal love, and one that promises to make this Valentine’s Day her most memorable yet.



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