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12 Dec 2018

Gift Guide: Luxurious Looks for the Women in Your World


Ahh, the holiday season. Seems like only yesterday we were tanning our bottoms in Biarritz or drinking Mai Tais in Maui, but look at us now, we blinked, and suddenly found ourselves surrounded by scarf-wrapped carolers singing off-key versions of Dean Martin's "Silver Bells." But even though the season can be overwhelming for some, that doesn't mean it can't also be fun and fabulous, too, which is why I'm here to make sure the women in your life can have themselves a very COOMi Christmas.


Sterling Silver and Diamond Dream Catcher Earrings, $530. product:sterling-silver-double-layer-stick-earrings

Dream Big

We all know and love someone who thinks positively and loves to dream, don't we? Whether it's your best girlfriend from high school or the woman who has been your yoga instructor for ten years, you realize this person is not only special to you, but also to the universe. The holidays are the perfect time to show them just how much enlightenment they've brought to your life.

COOMI's Dream Catcher dangle earrings in sterling silver and 20K yellow gold make an ideal present for those who live to love. The earrings contain 0.55 carats of bezel-set rose cut natural diamonds which move and flow with the free spirit who wears them.


20K Cluster Cognac Diamond Ring, $10,000. product:20k-cluster-brown-diamond-ring

Cognac is Always a Good Idea

Mmmmm, cognac. So tasty. So sultry. But it disappears way, way too fast (at least, in my house). Know what lasts forever, though? Diamonds. And there's no hangover with diamonds.

COOMI's Cluster Cognac Diamond Ring is crafted in 20K gold and takes its inspiration from the same environment that produces a fine cognac: the earth's natural treasures. The cluster ring is made up of a variety of different hued cognac-colored diamonds weighing 6.56 carats total. 


18K White Gold Emerald and Diamond Fan Ring, $60,000. product:18k-white-gold-emerald-and-diamond-fan-ring

So She Knows You're a Fan

If there's a lady in your life that's special to you - and I mean, really special - you'd probably consider yourself one of her biggest fans. Whether that woman is your wife or your mother or the accountant who saved you half a million dollars in taxes last year, there is likely no question in their mind that they're worth whatever gift you've chosen to give them, but that still doesn't mean they won't be surprised.

COOMI's Trinity Emerald and Diamond Fan Ring is not only red carpet ready, it's also green-with-envy-worthy. Set in 18K white gold and featuring nearly 19 carats of emeralds as well as 1.73 carats of diamonds, this extraordinary ring may just make her an even bigger fan of you.


20K Opera Diamond Link Bracelet, $7,000. product:20k-opera-diamond-link-bracelet

Forget a Night at the Opera

Tickets to the opera would make for a wonderful gift for anyone who, well, actually enjoys the opera. But what about those who've proven they can't make it through the second act of Verdi's Rigoletto without having to pop a NoDoze with a Red Bull chaser? Fear not, dear Gilda, for I've got you covered.

The Eternity Opera Diamond Bracelet by COOMI is an exquisite piece of jewelry artistry that will excite the wearer more than the memory of when they saw Luciano Pavarotti perform Puccini's Nessun Dorma live in 1994. The circular link bracelet is crafted in 20K yellow gold and contains 1.11 carats of diamonds, which is enough to make the gift giver do a curtain call (or two).


20K Red Arapaima, Ancient Roman Glass, and Diamond Handbag, $29,000. product:20k-red-arapaima-ancient-roman-glass-and-diamond-handbag

This One's in the Bag

When COOMI came up with the idea to combine her one-of-a-kind jewelry designs with beautiful leather handbags, I truly thought nothing in the luxury universe could make me happier, and if you don't believe me, just ask my husband, because he'll be the first to tell you I'm pretty hard to please.

The Antiquity Arapaima, Lambskin and Suede Roman Glass Purse in red featuring 20K yellow gold and rose cut diamonds is my final selection on this gift guide because, well, probably because I want it for myself, but the reason I do is that it's as practical as it is beautiful, and for any woman in today's society, that's about as good of a gift as anyone can get.


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