Sagrada Passion: Bringing Life to Endurance, Experience, and Emotion | Coomi
03 Dec 2018

Sagrada Passion: Bringing Life to Endurance, Experience, and Emotion

Passion. The word itself invokes a variety of feelings in a variety of people. When one is passionate about something in their lives, they are all-in; dedicating whichever particularly powerful emotion they're feeling to their chosen project, place, being, or belief. Art - in a plethora of different forms - is often seen as passion brought to life. A sculptor's passion is translated in marble or clay; a musician's, in notes and lyrics. And in the case of Antoni Gaudí - the famed and seemingly eccentric Catalonian architect - "Passion" would become not just the purpose with which he lived his life, but also what would make him a legendary figure around the world.

The word passion stems from the Latin term pati, meaning to endure, undergo, experience, and even suffer. No one could argue that Gaudí hadn't had his life affected by one or all of those verbs. Coomi knows all of these emotions firsthand as both an architect and a jewelry designer, which is why passion plays such a pivotal roll in her Sagrada collection.

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The word passion stems from the Latin term pati, meaning to endure, undergo, experience, and even suffer.

Passion Facade entrance, La Sagrada Família.

Gaudí envisioned the design of his Sagrada Família's Passion Facade as being vastly different than the Basilica's other two facades; Nativity and Glory. The twelve sculptural groups along the facade contain works which are considered forbidden, dramatic, and angular, and the enormous bronze doors which serve as a gateway into the Basilica contain scripture quotes written in block-style relief letters. But as dark as the Passion Facade may appear to the onlooker, it is the Basilica's colorful stained glass windows which shed literal and figurative light on the unfinished architectural masterpiece located in the heart of Barcelona. 

 Antoni Gaudí's unfinished masterpiece La Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain

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COOMI's Sagrada Passion collection uses color and words in the style of Gaudí's Passion Facade doors and vibrantly-hued windows in a way that evokes emotion - or passion - for those choosing to wear a bit of art every day.

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Like the Passion Facade, this latest collection by the award-winning designer is quite different from collections created by COOMI in the past. And while each of her ideas tends to stem from personal experiences or have historical significance, the Sagrada Passion collection ties COOMI's longtime architectural background to the artistically-driven talent she is today.

Stained glass overlooking the crypt in the Basilica.

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If Antoni Gaudí were alive today, there is a good chance he'd be moved to know he has inspired so many more, not only in the world of architecture but also in the genres of art and design. COOMI's Sagrada Passion collection is a flawless example of inspiration taking shape, and those who wear pieces from this collection may be inspired by the story of the design and in turn, the history of the legendary architect whose work served as the model for the designs. That influence can lead to empowerment, emotion, inspiration, and above all else... passion.


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