20K Affinity Blue Chalcedony Feather Drop Earrings | Coomi

20K Affinity Blue Chalcedony Feather Drop Earrings

Affinity 20 Karat Yellow Gold Feather Earrings Set with Hand-Carved Blue Chalcedony, Tanzanite, and Diamonds. All Of Our Items Are Handmade.

We Believe in Craftsmanship and Originality.

  • 1.97cts diamonds
  • 6.15cts tanzanite
  • 53.60cts hand-carved blue chalcedony
  • 20K yellow gold

The Affinity Collection is a myriad patchwork of cultures, each woven together by a natural attraction to the vibrant, mysterious, and beautiful force emanating from them. The harmonious combination of tumbled beads, stones, sliced diamonds, and gold are representative of the joyous celebration of human unity. This collection helps us focus on mental clarity, strength, peace, and happiness through our chosen stones.

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