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Ancient Byzantine Gold Bracteate Pendant

Ancient Byzantine Gold Bracteate Pendant Set In 20K Yellow Gold With Egyptian Carnelian Hippopotamus Amulet, Diamond, Sapphire & Emeralds.

  • 20K
  • 1.42ct Diamond
  • 0.52ct Orange Sapphire
  • 0.77ct Blue Sapphire
  • 0.51ct Emerald

Byzantine Gold Bracteate from 8th-9th century AD. A mixed group of Silk Road Byzantine style gold foil disc appliqués, mostly comprising a repoussé cross within a ropework band and beaded rim, pierced for attachment. 5.6 grams total, 13.5-20mm (1/2 - 3/4). Ex a European businessman; formerly in a Belgium collection; previously from an old German collection. Bright orange carnelian amulet of the hippopotamus goddess Taweret. Suspension loop over her head. Egypt, c. 350 B.C. Taweret was especially helpful to children and to women during childbirth. Such amulets were attached to beds, head-rests, cosmetic articles. She also is known to expel malignant forces.

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