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Ancient Peruvian Fish Pendant

Ancient Peruvian Fish Pendant Set In 20K Yellow Gold With Diamond, Sapphire, Aquamarine & Opal. Pre-Columbian, Peru, Chavin, ca. 900 to 200 BCE. a slightly thicker
sheet of 22K gold, hammered into a round disc with raised, openwork circles on its body, to create a pirarucu (also known as an arapaima or paiche) fish. The fish’s body forms a circle, with its eye delightfully cut out, giving it a fierce look. Red cinnabar colors the grooves around the mouth.

  • 20K (Antiquity portion is 22K)
  • 1.00ct Diamond
  • 0.56ct Green Sapphire
  • 1.53ct Aquamarine
  • 0.34ct Orange Sapphire
  • 1.08ct Blue Sapphire
  • 0.40ct Opal

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