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Antiquity 20K Ancient Coins Necklace

Antiquity 20 Karat Yellow Gold Coins Necklace Set with 9 Various Antique Coins and Diamonds. The Necklace Comes With A Lobster Clasp. All Of Our Items Are Handmade.

We Believe in Craftsmanship and Originality.

  • 1.08cts diamonds
  • 6.28g kushan silver
  • 5.46g indo greek
  • 2.70g punch mark
  • 2.97g indo shahi
  • 4.23g mekhai
  • 8.10g kushan 
  • 8.77g suthermegas
  • 20K yellow gold 
  • Length: 36 inches 

The Antiquity Collection comprises rock carvings and paintings from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic period. These were the first forms of artistic expression by mankind. The symbolism in art was the first attempt by humans to portray their sense of meaning in a relatively uncertain world. These designs go back to a time when the orientation of the time was not linear, but cyclical and aligned with the eternal cycle of birth, growth, and renewal. These symbols embrace the past and inspire a sense of discovery.

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