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Awakening: Antiquity Pin

Awakening Antiquity Pin Featuring 5TH-3rd Century BCE Greek Silver Statuette Of Standing Fawn & BCE Era Roman Bronze Appliqué Set In 20K Yellow Gold With Diamond, Blue Sapphire & Emerald.

  • 20K
  • 0.86ct Diamond
  • 0.10ct Blue Sapphire
  • 0.64ct Emerald
  • 17in

A stunning lapel pin features a silver statuette portraying a graceful standing fawn, accompanied by a petite Roman bronze applique in the likeness of a bust. This artwork encapsulates the notion of harmonious coexistence with nature, illustrating the intricate interconnectedness that binds all living beings together in the dance of life.

On the reverse side, paisley motifs symbolize the embryo of the universe, while a figure adorned with emerald accents signifies the awakening of environmental consciousness in springtime.

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