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Let Us Soar: Antiquity Pendant

Let Us Soar Antiquity Pendant (Pre-Columbian Sican Lambayeque gold applique in avian form. C.A. 10th to 11th century) Set In 20K Yellow Gold With Diamond, Sapphire, Tsavorite & Emerald.

  • 20K
  • 3.24ct Diamond
  • 0.30ct Tsavorite
  • 1.30ct Blue Sapphire
  • 0.38ct Orange Sapphire
  • 2.39ct Pink Sapphire
  • 3.99ct Emerald
  • 3.75X2.5in

The ancient artisans of Pre-Columbian civilizations were masters of metalwork. To them, gold held a sacred significance, transcending mere material wealth. It was believed that the true value of gold emerged only when crafted into something meaningful. Adorning oneself with gold wasn't a display of affluence but a reflection of one's spiritual depth. Birds, symbols of liberty, exploration, tranquility, and resilience, served as conduits to our inner spirituality, urging us to reach for greater heights. In this piece, on the reverse, the radiant sun symbolizes the Pre-Columbian worldview, wherein the universe was perceived as an interconnected web, with every entity, living or not, being an integral part.

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