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Protection: Antiquity Pendant

Protection Antiquity Pendant (Byzantine gold bracteate 8th-9th Century AD silk road Byzantine style gold foil disk appliqué & Faience Cat/Feline Bastet Amulet Third Intermediate to Late Dynastic Period 21st to 31st dynasty CA 1070-332 BCE) Set In 18K White Gold With Enamel, Diamond & Emerald.

  • 18K
  • 1.35ct Diamond
  • 0.82ct Emerald
  • 4X1.9in

A charming faience charm portrays a regal feline, likely representing the goddess Bastet, seated gracefully atop a sturdy base. Bastet, revered as the feline-headed deity symbolizing fertility and motherhood, is often depicted in such amulets, intended for adornment or placement on altars as tokens of devotion and to invoke her protective powers. Acting as a guardian of homes and fertility, Bastet's influence is further highlighted by the addition of a silk road gold foil disk appliqué, complementing the sea foam green faience. The reverse side features an enamel depiction of Bastet alongside her father, the sun god Ra, embellished with a rose-cut diamond.

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