The Crystal Pink Star Soft Bracelet | Coomi

The Crystal Pink Star Soft Bracelet

The Crystal Pink Star Soft Bracelet Set In 20K Yellow Gold With Diamonds, Pink Tourmaline, And Crystal. Agni Mudra is depicted on the reverse.

  • 20K
  • 2.58ct Diamond
  • 0.89ct Pink Tourmaline
  • 17.45ct Crystal
  • 6.5in + Extension

Introducing COOMI's newest masterpiece, The Trinetra Collection. Inspired by the profound symbolism of the Sanskrit word Trinetra, which translates to "three eyes, this collection embarks on a spiritual and artistic journey. In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is referred to as Trinetra because he is often portrayed with a third eye, a powerful symbol of spiritual insight and divine knowledge. The Trinetra or "three eyes" signify a higher level of perception and the ability to see beyond the ordinary.

At the heart of our jewelry lies the motif of how COOMI interprets the third eye to look, a powerful emblem representing the transcendence of knowledge and insight. The Trinetra Collection is a testament to the deep-rooted wisdom, spirituality, and artistic finesse that COOMI is renowned for, inviting you to explore a world of divine sight and profound beauty.

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