Trinity 18K Heart Shaped Diamonds Necklace | Coomi

Trinity 18K Heart Shaped Diamonds Necklace

Trinity 18 Karat White Gold Heart Necklace Set with Rubies, White Diamonds, and Yellow Diamonds. All Of Our Items Are Handmade.

We Believe in Craftsmanship and Originality.

  • 10.15cts white diamonds
  • 10.55 yellow diamonds
  • 22.71cts ruby
  • 18K white gold

The Trinity Collection is a representation of the harmony between the three dimensions of our existence: The Earth, divine energy, and oneself. It is made with inspiration from the Ganges River in India which is believed to have been sent down from heaven to purify our planet. This collection focuses on life around the river banks of the Ganges and how it provides life to all living things that are on the edge of the banks of this river.

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